We are pleased to share that in our mission to be a long-term, strategic partner to clients, we have aligned our teams to deliver the highest standard of innovative Microsoft Legal Applications across firms. Our offering will help clients use their data from various systems more readily and increase the efficiency of operational processes through the exploitation of the significant investment firms have already made in the Microsoft platform.


Speaking to our clients about their goals for the next three years, they told us they want to continue capitalising on Microsoft technologies throughout their operation while keeping best-of-breed systems, such as the Intapp platform or Thomson Reuters 3E at the strategic core of their business.

Most firms started their investment in a Microsoft strategy with Power BI solutions that communicate information to fee-earners. Pinnacle alone has delivered over 100 of these projects globally.

The next organic stage of the journey is to create the engine and integrations that allows people across the business to surface complex information within commonly used applications, like Teams, Outlook or PowerApps and take actions based on them or channel back new points of information into the core systems.

Our team will help clients retain the key attributes and capabilities of their Intapp or Thomson Reuters solutions and leverage the Power Platform’s suite of applications and Azure technology to align commonly used Microsoft applications to their operational and strategic needs.

The list of possible use cases is endless and entirely configurable around firms’ needs. It could enable anything from approving expenses through a click of a button in Outlook to creating a mailing list of key contacts in your CRM based on billing information from within Teams. Leveraging these capabilities will turn Microsoft into a strategic, fully supported, enterprise-class solution within firms.

This will help firms increase their returns on technology investments across the board. It reduces training needs, streamlines business processes and aligns the firm on a common platform for a consistent user experience.

The Microsoft Legal Applications Team unites Pinnacle’s established BI and Microsoft practice groups. With this focus, Pinnacle will be in an even stronger position to provide the resources and frameworks that allow our clients to capitalise on Microsoft technologies.

Mike Bailey, Pinnacle’s Chief Strategy Officer said: “We have always worked in close strategic partnerships with our clients and a key part of that approach is to be dynamic in responding to what they need. Our experience with BI, Microsoft and other key law firm solutions gives us a unique opportunity to be able to support them on this journey.”


Pinnacle partners with leading law firms globally to bring clarity and control to a complex ecosystem of business processes and technologies. They empower their clients through consulting, software innovation and managed services to achieve ambitious goals and solve intricate challenges. With specialists spanning the UK, North America and Europe, Pinnacle’s teams bring global intelligence to IT, finance, risk and marketing & BD departments to successfully run their operations on the most powerful technologies. They are renowned for their close strategic partnerships with Thomson Reuters, Intapp, Microsoft and other leading vendors.


Media contact:

Charlotte Takacs

Head of Marketing