Pinnacle Academy

Pinnacle has announced the addition of four more places at its ground-breaking Academy.

The Pinnacle Academy was launched earlier this year as a way to keep up with the perennial demand for top consulting talent.

The Academy puts recruits through an intensive program of class-based learning, mentoring and shadowing, with rotations around the consultancy’s practice areas and in-client placements. Pinnacle has already invested in two dedicated hot-housing hubs in Reading and London, with ‘graduates’ ultimately having opportunities to work across the UK and internationally.

Kevin Smith, who heads the program, is keen to stress that this isn’t your conventional student or trainee initiative: “We don’t have formal qualifying criteria for a start or any expectation around age or background.  What we want to see is a genuine interest in working with law firms and helping them manage change, process and people more effectively; and some indicative competencies that will be ensure a good fit with the Academy’s fast-track, immersive curriculum. We’ve drawn from management consultancy, law firm, IT, accountancy and college ranks in the first intake and hope to attract a similarly strong spread for these additional places.”

James Bayliss is mid-way through his first year and is enjoying the diversity: “I have a developer/programmer background but I haven’t been pigeonholed – on the contrary I’m being exposed to all parts of the business to help me see where I’d like to specialise. And this isn’t just the ‘theory and practical’ of college learning, this is real world – it’s proving to be a great grounding with plenty of challenges day-to-day.”

Anyone interested in applying should contact Kevin Smith in the first instance –