Graphic announcing Real Time Address Look Up on Intapp MarketPlace
Pinnacle is first to Intapp Marketplace as it launches IIS-enabled Cloud version of address look-up tool

Pinnacle has announced that its popular Real-time Address Look-up tool is now available for Intapp Cloud customers. Previously on-premises only, the tool now allows Cloud users to also benefit from improved speed and quality of address data entry during the NBI process.

The development also marks a significant achievement for Pinnacle following the integration work that made the Cloud move possible. It has become the first partner in the world to publish an Intapp Integration Service (IIS)-based Process to the Intapp Marketplace, reinforcing its credentials as class leader in IIS experience amongst the partner base. Two other integration routes also exist: Intapp Integrate and Microsoft Logic Apps.

Real-time Address Look-up allows users to select a validated address in one of 240 countries in either Intapp OnePlace for Risk or Intapp Flow. In the case of a new client/matter form simply enter one data field and it will trigger a pop-up list of all possible addresses. The user selects the correct address and all the remaining fields are automatically populated.

On a ‘time taken’ comparison, conservative estimates indicate that what used to take around 2-3 minutes, including gathering the company data, now takes 10 seconds. And with the time saving also comes shorter forms and data quality improvements, courtesy of more complete, consistent, compliant and contemporary data sets.

For more information on Real Time Address Look-up, please click here. Or watch this short video demonstration below