Pinnacle rolls out Intapp Time8 across its business
Pinnacle has confirmed that it has become the first client worldwide to complete the roll out of Intapp’s Cloud-based time recording solution – and is already enjoying a 100% improvement in time entry velocity just six weeks on from go-live.

Uniquely among legal technology consultancies Pinnacle runs its business on the same systems used by its clients, and the adoption of Time 8 is the latest example of this commitment. After a three-month implementation project and small pilot, Time 8 was deployed to the 80-strong consulting team in the UK, US and Europe.

The results have been immediate and compelling, as project lead Ash Nanda explains:

“ The main change has been in the user experience. We’re now no longer limited to desktop entry but are fully mobile, and added to the very intuitive, slick interface it’s encouraging people to enter time more promptly. As a result, we are seeing time entries get into the system twice as quickly as previously, bringing down the average lag from 100 hours to 48 hours. Other benefits include the completeness of entries, thanks to the prompts from the capture functionality; and greater accuracy, with task, phase, and activity tracking giving more granularity and higher quality narrative.

Getting better data more quickly – what we refer to as fidelity and velocity – is invaluable: it goes beyond general time hygiene and billing compliance as near real-time data is also essential for effective project management. We can monitor progress vs budget, identify and remediate any scope creep, allocate resources dynamically, things that you can’t afford to do ‘blind’. It’s also starting to generate much more useful data sets that we can feed into our pricing and business development processes.

But the real value from a Pinnacle client perspective is that we have real Time 8 experience to share – be it implementation experience , integration with 3E, process optimisation, and the potential for customising functionality. As more firms move away from on-premises time solutions into the Cloud, we can share that learning to ensure they get maximum returns from their latest tech investment. 

If you would like more information on Time8 then please contact Ash Nanda, Principal Consultant and Team Lead at