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Triple-A: Alignment, Approach & Acceleration

Rebooting. When batteries’ lives come to an end, we replace them, upgrade them, we don’t let them die or forget about them. One way or another we always keep them going. The same approach should be taken with your firm’s marketing efforts. In practice, this means aligning external, client needs and wants with internal stakeholders’ and having a robust approach to backing these up with the right resources to accelerate the returns from the combined power of this.

All marketers will first and foremost understand the importance of looking outside their organisation, listening to their clients, and understanding what they need. But why don’t we listen quite as well internally? Listen to our stakeholders’ needs and wants and demonstrate our alignment.

Having a complete understanding of the way you want to align your firm will shape the approach you take. As Julia Hayhoe explained, we need to extract ourselves from the operational and internal gravitational pull of the firm, to enable and challenge the choices we are making to deliver on our vision and purpose.

Now that your vision is complete, and you are fully charged you can accelerate this recharged alignment and approach. In the marketing realm, trends will be coming and going so being able to keep on top of these trends is vital to a successful strategy.

The PM Forum conference was an amazing opportunity for firms to interact and learn about how legal and managed services firms can better market themselves, but also focus on the key interaction between business development and marketing and how alignment can be found. I found that Leor Frank’s session amplifies this message where they talked about surveying and understanding the key business goals of the firm and ensuring that business development and marketing activities are fully aligned.

Resources are your best friends; you may not have any extra manpower but having the right technology on your side can increase efficiencies. PitchPerfect is a tool we designed alongside law firms to address some of the complexities their marketers struggle with. To find out more about PitchPerfect, get in touch today.