Tiger Teams Unleashed No 5 PowerApp Actionable Insights

Actionable insights for law firms

Pinnacle hasn’t just been supporting Briefing magazine’s Tiger Team webinar series – it has been actively embracing Tiger Team working itself, with some very impressive results.

The latest innovation to land is Actionable Insights for law firms – basically, the very clever leveraging of Microsoft PowerApps to help firms get more out of their line of business system investments.

The video below offers a quick taste of what’s achievable – in this example, transforming reporting from a purely passive ‘viewing’ activity to a proactive ‘doing’ one.

The PowerApp acts as a super helpful, intelligent ‘widget’ that lets you take an action from within the report itself, and the resulting data/update is then automatically flowed downstream/upstream into the relevant underlying platforms such as 3E and Intapp.

It also highlights Pinnacle’s core strength in this area – the ability to meld its Microsoft knowhow and proven PowerBI skillset with its deep domain expertise across finance, risk and business development systems.

PowerApp development work will be offered to clients as part of Pinnacle’s BI, Finance, Risk and CRM implementations or can be incorporated into its rapidly growing Managed Service offering.

For more information contact Christopher Young christopher.young@pinnacle-oa.com