How does your firm compare to some of the best UK law firms?

The time for early adoption of refined pitch automation processes has passed. Leading firms have adopted systems and have benefitted from the process improvements and financial gains that go hand in hand with having better processes.

The data from our latest Pitch Management Report shows that bidding mastery combines art and science as people, processes and technology meet at the UK Top 100 law firms.

  • 41% of firms have the capacity to deliver customisation
  • 100% of firms with revenue above £300M use dedicated pitching technology
  • 93% actively examine how to improve win rates


Find out where your firm stands through our obligation-free, bespoke analysis

Complete our survey online as thoroughly as you can to get the most accurate benchmarking and opportunity map, drawing on real-life data and trends.

Our consultants will analyse your responses to connect insights between:

  • Pitching strategy
  • Technological resources
  • Training approach
  • Time spent on pitch document
  • Prioritisation of content elements


Explore the art of the potential

In our latest pitch management report UK Top 100 firms share their insights about the quest for the perfect pitch. Law firms now operate on an increasingly demanding and competitive landscape, therefore a well-coordinated proposal creation process in non-negotiable.

The time to start thinking about bidding process optimisation was yesterday, with RFP requests at a high and more educated prospects who shop around.

This report paints a current state of the market and point towards the opportunities of 2022/23, that every law firm should consciously pursue.

Director of Software Sales, US

Tim Kenney