We have greatly improved our business acceptance processes but still think we could do better with data entry. Any suggestions?



This is one of those areas ripe for marginal gains. With a more manual process, firms have to spend time gathering company data, verifying it and then keying it in. Not only is that inherently inefficient but it also increases the risk of mis-keyings, some fields not being filled out and potentially the source information being out of date.

Try our real-time Address Look-up tool instead. It is available as a plug-in to both 3E and Intapp (on-premise), and offers validation of addresses across 240 countries. So in your new client/matter form simply enter one data field and it will trigger a pop-up list of all possible addresses. The user selects the correct address and all the remaining fields are automatically populated.

On a ‘time taken’ comparison, we estimate what used to take around 10 minutes, including gathering the company data, now takes 10 seconds. Plus this way you get complete, consistent, compliant and contemporary data sets, driving up levels of data hygiene and integrity.