Working from home and our dependence on Microsoft Teams for calls and meetings has highlighted a major problem – time in the app is not being automatically captured by our Intapp Time solution, raising real concerns around billing accuracy and revenue leakage. What can we do?



You’re not alone. Microsoft Teams has been a lifeline for many but as you say, unlike activity that takes place in Office, which is captured by Intapp automatically, there is no comparable functionality for Teams.

As Intapp Time users ourselves, we experienced exactly the same problem so we quickly set about developing a suitable extension: the Teams to Time connector.

Telephone numbers – incoming or outgoing within Teams – are matched to a contact, via hooking in the CRM, which in turn links to a suggested client/matter. This all happens automatically in the background, with each call logged in the Captured Time window. Call timings are recorded in the normal way, so all the fee earner has to do is add some narrative and post the entry.

The connector is available for all clients of Intapp Time 7+ or Intapp Time in the Cloud.

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