We use the Intapp platform for new business intake and rely on email requests to parties when it comes to KYC/AML and asking for identity documents etc. But we just don’t think it’s satisfactory or indeed sustainable as requests increase – is there an alternative?

- T P F


You are not alone in wanting a better way to do things. Relying on email risks having personally identifiable information sitting in the email system, which is not great for compliance. While having to manually allocate email attachments to the right file seems unnecessarily inefficient.

To address those issues, and to get round the other problem of the Intapp platform not being brandable (law firms have expressed interest in client-facing systems that carry their fully corporate identity), Pinnacle has developed Client Portal for Intapp.

Its first use case covers client due diligence: Instead of sending emails, KYC/AML requests are sent to parties from the portal (fully branded), and the parties use the portal to complete the required data fields and safely upload supporting documentation. All of this is automatically transferred into the Intapp system, ensuring that no personal data is ever stored in the Pinnacle Cloud. It’s secure, efficient and professional.

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