Historically our risk team has used an Intapp New Business Intake platform to manage due diligence – but the default for KYC/AML requests is to send emails out to parties and receive documents back, also via email. We’re not happy with sensitive data going via email or sitting around in mail systems – how do we improve the infosec dimension of NBI?

- L P M


It’s exactly this functionality gap in Intapp that we have sought to close up with one of our first Pinnacle-developed Intapp Extensions – the Client Portal.

Forget sending emails, now all KYC/AML requests are sent to parties via the portal, and the parties use the portal to complete the required data fields and safely upload supporting documentation. All of this is automatically transferred into the Intapp system, ensuring that no personal data is ever stored in the Pinnacle Cloud.

In a nutshell, a far more robust solution from an infosec perspective.

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