With working from home being the default for our firm for the foreseeable future, we really need to tap into some online ‘self-help’ resources as part of the on-boarding work for new arrivals in the finance team, and to offer ongoing support and refreshers to existing staff. And we can only see demand for this growing across the board – any suggestions?

- Z C B


Yes. When lockdown put a summary end to on-site training and in-person go-live support, it was actually one of the first things Pinnacle jumped on – plugging the large looming hole both for firms about to go live and those in need of the usual in-life assistance.

We accelerated the build of a digital Client Resource Centre (CRC), populated with a whole range of useful assets – videos, Powerpoints, briefings, playbooks – across both the 3E and Intapp portfolios. From quick demonstrations to comprehensive guides, from top tips to savvy shortcuts, the CRC is being developed as the ‘go-to’ place online for practical everyday help and for keeping current with updates, new functionality and Pinnacle advice and know-how.

To simplify administration, access is firm-based – so once a firm is registered, all users of that firm are automatically permissioned. Users can then curate which content they want to see based on interests/role.

It’s free to use for current Pinnacle clients while non-clients can gain access to a limited set of information, with full access and customised content creation available via a managed service agreement.   For more information please contact