Teams has been brilliant for us in recent months but we’re aware that our time recording hygiene is suffering because Intapp Time doesn’t automatically track our activity in Teams, as it does with Skype. Is there a quick fix?



Yes, and it’s not just quick but free as well. Pinnacle’s TEAMS to TIME connector uses a Pinnacle-built Microsoft LogicApp and Intapp Integrate to communicate between the two platforms.

It can be hooked into a firm’s contacts database or CRM to match all the Teams call data, then links these calls to a suggested client or matter and logs them in the Captured Time window.  Fee earners then just need to add narrative and post the entries.

The connector is available for all clients of the Intapp Time 7+ or Intapp Time in the Cloud, and standard implementation is less than a day, slightly longer for certain CRM integrations.

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