We are using the Intapp suite for new business intake and there seems to be lots of manual intervention in terms of setting up the financial aspects of the matters in 3E – rates, payors etc.  Does it have to be this way?

- A C


Absolutely not…  Being 3E and Intapp specialists we are really well versed in getting the two products to work in harmony.

In a Pinnacle New Matter request, we can allow you to surface and enforce Group Rates for a particular client group but also allow an override of these or standard rates.  We have for some clients imposed an approval if the proposed discount is more than a certain percentage.  We also ensure that payors and addresses are not created unnecessarily.

There is clearly considerable complexity and sophistication in this area but, if you know what you are doing, significant percentages of matters should just be opened and not need to be touched again from a setup perspective – feel free to give us a call.