I am hearing lots about Panoramic.  What is it and will it really be useful?

- H C


Panoramic is basically TRE’s cloud-based matter management solution (they refer to it as legal workflow management) – but a supercharged version. It integrates with 3E data natively, allowing you to see actual hours/amounts related to your clients and matters. But that’s only the start – consider some of the following:

  • You can utilise matter task lists (called matter maps) to define the work that needs to be done by matter type. There are many matter maps available out of the box, that have been and are continuing to be developed by Practical Law. You can also create your own.
    • These matter maps can be used to assign work to those on the matter team, and they will get notifications about when and what work they need to be doing.
    • The matter maps also can include sample deliverables, as well as details about the work that needs to be performed.
    • Matter maps are the foundation for budgeting new matters as well.
  • If you incorporate cost rates for lawyers and staff, you can use Panoramic to budget/price matters, and then track actuals vs. budget.
  • Time recording is made simpler, as time entries can be automatically generated from the completed matter map tasks.
  • Billing attorneys/partners will have overarching views of the actual v budget of all their matters

As with any enterprise solution, getting maximum benefit comes from first, a successful adoption, and second, ongoing optimisation. Pinnacle has already developed a change management framework to support the delivery of Panoramic so we are very well placed to assist.