I’m under pressure to push on with a significant project implementation to hit certain deadlines but I need to make a case for taking the time to gather and articulate detailed requirements.

- SL


It’s not an uncommon scenario. Both client and vendor just want to launch into implementation.  The clock is ticking: the client wants to realise the benefits of their investment; the vendor wants to schedule resources and execute their deliverables. And IT teams are often squeezed in the middle.

There are compelling advantages to getting down your detailed requirements early so look to make your case using our Smart Seven list:

  1. Implementation gets underway quicker – there is less design time and consulting
  2. The development phase involves less rework and fewer change requests
  3. Firms can test the design against the requirements – baking in quality
  4. Firms will know which requirements will and won’t be met
  5. Testers will know the requirements rather than testing against a design, which might not meet the requirements
  6. Issues with data and firm policies will be highlighted earlier and remediated quicker
  7. Often the detailed requirements will illustrate that a percentage of the requirements could be delivered today – using the current toolset