We’re concerned about predictions that levels of Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) are escalating and that every request has the potential to be weaponised. We need to get on the front foot but how best to proceed?



It’s very tempting to throw technology at the problem, to rely on smart ediscovery tools to cut through the swathes of structured and unstructured data to give you a shot at fulfilling your DSAR obligations on time against tight regulatory deadlines. But it’s a costly sticking plaster for that enduring sore point – a chronic lack of information governance (IG) that makes it so hard to react efficiently and effectively, to the extent that you have to bring in expensive big software guns every time.

Think about it in housekeeping terms. The messy, illogically thought-out house can be cleaned and tidied; but it just takes a lot longer, at greater cost and with an increased risk of something going awry when compared to a neat, logically organised one. And why keep employing someone when you could just as easily do it yourself?

Pinnacle’s Information Governance practice is helping firms become self-sufficient – taking IG out of that drawer marked ‘Too difficult’ and making everyday compliance tasks like DSARs very much easier as a result. We can help you understand where to start and achieve realistic ROI within a realistic timeframe

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