Why you need to transfer from Rekoop to Intapp Time 8

Microsoft have deprecated their Silverlight application and will end overall support for it in October 2021. As Silverlight is the foundation for Rekoop Time, Intapp will also stop support for it in October 2021. Therefore, if you still operate on Rekoop after this date, you do so at high risk of a failure in functionality and security.

To help you avoid this, we’re offering all Intapp Rekoop clients with a fast, cost-effective and secure transfer from Rekoop to Time 8.

The benefits to you

  • Fixed price: you can choose from either our Standard or Enhanced package, both at a fixed price

  • Turnkey service: we take care of every aspect of the project within a set timeframe and with minimal impact on your in-house IT team

  • Uninterrupted service: the entire project will be seamless with no loss to you of availability or operation

  • Knowledge transfer: our team has an in-depth knowledge of Intapp products and will help your team fully understand Intapp Time 8 and get the most from the new features available to you

  • Positive adoption: our change management team will work alongside our technical team, providing training, quality assurance, testing and go-live support to help drive your project’s success

What we’ll do

Standard Package Enhanced Package
Timescale 15 days delivered over six weeks 25 days delivered over eight weeks
We will
  • Configure default Intapp Time

  • Integrate Intapp to ensure continued operation with your PMS

  • Test, fix and bring Intapp Time 8 into production

  • Deliver defined key activities

  • Review your current usage and analyze any custom requirements you may have for Intapp Time Cloud

  • Configure Intapp Time Cloud in line with the findings of the review

  • Integrate Intapp to ensure continued operation with your PMS

  • Deliver DMS client/matter predictions

  • Test, fix and bring Intapp Time 8 into production

  • Deliver a 2½ Train the Trainer session for up to six of your team

  • Deliver four 2-hour user training sessions, each for up to six of your team (24 people in total)

Cost £22,000 £41,000

Standard for both packages

  • Operation with your existing PMS

  • No customization or change to your existing Rekoop integrations

  • No migration of data from Rekoop (this is technically a reimplementation)

  • Integrations for synching of master files (users, clients, matters) from PMS and submission of timecards to PMS

  • No custom reporting or analytics beyond what is already in the PMS and Intapp Time Cloud

  • Use of Intapp Integrate for integrations

What we can add as extensions

  • Reverse Sync

  • Phone sync

  • eBillingHub API Connector

  • Compliant Time (linking with Intapp Terms)

  • Custom Analytics

  • SSO (federated users)

  • I8N Translations

  • Phone capture

  • Dictation sync

  • Historical Import

  • Other Custom Work

About Pinnacle

We work with the world’s leading law firms, helping them get the maximum value, opportunity and advantage from their Elite, Intapp and iManage platforms. We have more than 80 experts working across the UK, the US and continental Europe. Our teams focus on three business areas: consulting and implementation, managed services and software development.

Our dedicated Intapp team has been working with Intapp to develop a turnkey migration path from Rekoop Time to Intapp Time 8. As part of our preparations for this project we migrated our own time recording to Time 8, with Elite 3E as our finance application.

Maintain your firm’s productivity and profitability with a fast, cost-effective and secure transfer to Intapp Time 8. Get in touch with us today.