The perfect pitch combines art and science to win new business, but finding the balance is a skill in scarcity. Our webinar brings together a panel of global marketing and BD leaders to find the forms of innovation that allow law firms to scale their capability to deliver more winning proposals.

Date: 9th February 2022
Time: 9am CT | 10am EST | 3pm GMT
Location: Zoom


The challenge of law firm bid teams

Pinnacle’s 2022 UK Pitch Management Report made it clear that firms are battling with the lack of great bidding talent. Coupled with the increasing volume of RFPs and complex requirements, firms are left with no choice but to find another way to deliver wins. Hiring strategies, proposal creation processes, new ways of thinking and technology are all on the table as factors to think about.



Join Karen Morton, Head of MBD, EMEA at Hogan Lovells, Vidya Ledsham, Director of Clients & Markets at McCarthy Tetrault, William McLaughlin, Business Development Manager at ZICO Law and Pinnacle’s Head of Risk and BD Practices & CMO, Christopher Young, for a thought-provoking discussion.

On this webinar, they will set out to find actionable forms of innovation that bring tangible results.




Innovation in pitching

What is a “pitch” really?

Whose hands does it need to go through?

How and from where are we getting the content to create the proposal?

Are we using the right technologies to make things efficient?


These are just a handful of the questions you might ask and the answer is never black or white. Innovation has to fit around your firm’s culture, pitching strategy, resources and people. But by asking the questions and looking outside the box for possible answers, you can get to the conclusion that is best fit for your firm.

This is outside the box thinking is what our webinar invites you to delve into. Winning more of your firm’s ideal business is too important to not be proactive about it. The discipline needs change and it needs change now. Otherwise, the lack of talent and increasing competitive pressure could see many firms left behind.


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