Briefing Tiger Teams Pinnacle Firm Wide Session

New Tiger Team session available to view

The Tiger Team has come roaring back into action, with Pinnacle once again partnering with Briefing magazine to bring various Tigers together to address the biggest challenges ahead for law firms.

Last time the session was built around finance, but this time it was a firm-wide look at things and we’re indebted to Karen Jacks (CTO, Bird and Bird), Brian Dunlop (Global Director of Strategic Pricing, White & Case), Sid Welham (COO, HFW) and our own head of Business Transformation Tony Pullman for some great insights.

Biggest takeaway? Well, you can watch for yourself and form your own judgment but it’s interesting to note that:

–  firms and their staff feel they have responded and coped very well;

– that they remain upbeat about staying agile and continuing to innovate;

– that they are finally embracing the tech that (they acknowledge) their IT teams have had in place for some time;

– are sanguine about the need to prepare better for the future in terms of forecasting, and resource management;

– and are very open to adopting new working models and styles for the long-term

So all in all, a strong sense that positive change is happening and that legal is not quite the ponderous dinosaur of legend. But…why has it taken a pandemic for the sector to show what it’s made of? Have the last few years been a waste, a litany of missed opportunities? The hope is that now it can see what it is truly capable of, legal will push on successfully independent of a random, once in a lifetime viral catalyst.