CRM Success Series Webinar part 3 invite


3: Driving Operational Improvements and Efficiencies

You’ve defined success and aced your CRM implementation.

Your users are actively using the new system and successfully accomplishing their goals.

What now?

You’re about to experience the broader impacts of CRM across the firm that stem from operational success, the third pillar of Pinnacle’s Success and Value Framework.

In Part 3 of our #CRMSuccess webinar series, we’ll discuss how CRM can provide a platform for process improvement and operational efficiencies extending beyond the marketing and business development departments.

CRM experts Bryan Austin from Pinnacle and Andrew Hutchinson from Intapp will share insights and examples of how firms are using CRM to support and drive cross-functional business processes, and explore the underlying technology that makes it work.

During this webinar, you will learn:

• How to use OnePlace Marketing and Business Development to run practice group meetings
• Real-world examples including client satisfaction, lateral on-boarding, and industry teams
• How the connected firm — connecting people, processes, and data using the right technology — transforms your work and strengthens client relationships

25th February, 4pm GMT / 11am ET

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