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We’re concerned about predictions that levels of Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) are escalating and that every request has the potential to be weaponised. We need to get on the front foot but how best to proceed?


There’s no hiding from the fact that we save our electronic information everywhere — in document management systems, file shares, SharePoint, Office 365, Teams, Box – plus any number of other line-of-business applications. And we have a big black hole where our Information Governance policy should be. We need to be better but where to start?

- G D

We feel that our external paper storage footprint is out of control and not something that we want to be carrying into the future. But given its size and worrying ‘opacity’ we’re a bit at a loss as to how to safely divest ourselves of it.


Teams has been brilliant for us in recent months but we’re aware that our time recording hygiene is suffering because Intapp Time doesn’t automatically track our activity in Teams, as it does with Skype. Is there a quick fix?


With working from home being the default for our firm for the foreseeable future, we really need to tap into some online ‘self-help’ resources as part of the on-boarding work for new arrivals in the finance team, and to offer ongoing support and refreshers to existing staff. And we can only see demand for this growing across the board – any suggestions?

- Z C B

We use an Intapp New Business Intake platform to manage our due diligence process. We can’t brand the platform and that’s frustrating as we want to maintain a strong corporate identity when serving our clients. Also, the default for KYC/AML requests is to send emails out to parties, which again misses the mark from a branding perspective. Is there another option?

- S S T

Historically our risk team has used an Intapp New Business Intake platform to manage due diligence – but the default for KYC/AML requests is to send emails out to parties and receive documents back, also via email. We’re not happy with sensitive data going via email or sitting around in mail systems – how do we improve the infosec dimension of NBI?

- L P M

Working from home and our dependence on Microsoft Teams for calls and meetings has highlighted a major problem – time in the app is not being automatically captured by our Intapp Time solution, raising real concerns around billing accuracy and revenue leakage. What can we do?


We’re a global law firm and as the world starts to emerge from its lockdown we know that governments will likely implement measures to stimulate their economies. Sales tax changes could be one option but even if it’s time-limited it would have massive ramifications for us. How can we keep up?

- C P Z

We use the Intapp platform for new business intake and rely on email requests to parties when it comes to KYC/AML and asking for identity documents etc. But we just don’t think it’s satisfactory or indeed sustainable as requests increase – is there an alternative?

- T P F