The need to pitch for new business will never disappear. But you have full control over how demanding that process is. Better insights and resource optimisation are key to succeeding faster and eliminating tasks that don’t pay off.

Our webinar will look at how you can focus your attention and resources on the right opportunities using the new PitchPerfect modules.

Pitch smarter and win more

Client expectations from a winning pitch are becoming increasingly complex. BD teams have to use their human and technological resources smarter, focus on opportunities that are most likely to pay off and continuously improve their strategy.

The latest release of PitchPerfect modules were designed to help you do just that. We are introducing active content analytics and the MS Teams self-service bio bot to elevate the way and speed at which your firm pitches for new work.


Active pitch content analytics

Make data-led decisions and find out the win/loss ratios by department, team members,
content items, templates and layouts used in your proposals so that you can find your
winning combination.

Knowing what works and what doesn’t, how often content is being updated and where your biggest returns come from inform a number of key BD decisions. It helps you improve your content library, allocate talent in your team better and make go/no-go decisions with higher certainty.

Microsoft Teams bio bot

Forget chasing lawyers for their bios or having to create common documents like CVs. The PitchPerfect bio bot empowers the wider firm to keep their bios up to date through Microsoft Teams themselves. It also allows them to search for lawyers based on experience and generate perfectly branded and formatted CVs using the same bot.

Relieve unnecessary pressure on your marketing team and decentralise tasks in the pitching process where you can do so with confidence. This allows you to focus your team’s skills on opportunities where they can shine.

Key discussion points

  • How lawyers can easily search for and generate CVs using an MS Teams bio bot
  • Content analytics that help you understand your sources of success
  • Keeping your content up to date through a more efficient, systematic process
  • Monitoring key firm statistics, like D&I, and how they impact your win/loss ratio

Your presenter

Johnny Jones

Principal Consultant - PitchPerfect