We are bringing GCs on this panel to get their take on what sets a winning pitch apart. We drill down to see what holds the most importance and what are those “nice to haves” that can give your pitch that last push over the line when it comes to deciding between you and your closest competition.

Date: 24th February 2022

Time: 10am EST / 3pm GMT

Location: Zoom

Shifting expectations and practices

Our 2022 UK Pitch Management Report drew attention to the changing expectations around proposal documents.

Customisation jumped to the top of the consideration list with every single  marketing leader interviewed echoing that it is non-negotiable to win new business. ESG and D&I questions shifted from being tick boxes to getting centre stage and demanding considerable detail. Businesses increasingly look for shorter, more focussed pitches to convince them that your firm is best placed to work with them. The list goes on.


So what is the most current expectation of leading GCs?

What are the things that make or break a pitch?

Where are the opportunities for law firms to stand out from the crowd?

What should you consider to make your pitch win?

During this webinar our panel explores:

  • What is a pitch document and the role it plays
  • Ideal length of a proposal
  • Biggest mistakes that would make GCs discount your pitch immediately
  • The narrative of the content in a successful pitch
  • Areas you should put particular focus on
  • Tricks and shortcuts to perfect what matters

Proposal management webinar series

This is the second in our series of webinars around proposal management.

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Watch the first session on “Tackling the bidding talent gap through innovation” in our Client Resource Centre.

Meet the panel

Christian Fahey

Associate General Counsel at Akura

Judith McKay

Chief Client & Innovation Officer at McCarthy Tétrault

Tara Sherbrooke

Head General Counsel at YouGov PLC

Tim kenney

Director of Sales, North America at Pinnacle