Pinnacle Smart-Moves for a more efficient migration to 3E

Pinnacle champions smarter approach to 3E migrations

With a significant number of Elite Enterprise users still to commit to upgrading to 3E, leading systems consultancy Pinnacle is urging firms to take that first step – and adopt a new approach to simplify what comes after.

With valuable lessons learned from its involvement in over 100 upgrade projects, Pinnacle is advocating a new ‘3E readiness’ philosophy – the belief that broader, better, and earlier preparation work is the key to faster, more assured and less onerous migrations.

It has moved to underpin the philosophy with a carefully curated set of services, known collectively as Smart Moves.  They all have one thing in common: to allow firms to make key changes well in advance of full migration, so taking key work-streams off the critical path of a normal 3E project. Not only does this smooth the resource requirements and energy across the project’s lifecycle but it also enables priceless upskilling and familiarisation to happen earlier and with less pressure.

Each of the four services tackles a discrete area that Pinnacle has identified as ripe for a ‘pre-emptive’ approach:

Getting ‘data fit’ with Data Priming

The cleansing and remediation of Enterprise data achieves the requisite levels of data hygiene, accuracy, relevance and integrity for a fast, painless conversion first time round. It also gives the option of an early Strategy Conversion, giving firms crucial visibility of their own scrubbed data to support the strategy development process.

Getting ‘BI ready’ with Data Insights for Enterprise

Rolling out the powerful 3E Data Insights solution whilst still on Enterprise gives clients a step-change in the quality of analytics, dashboarding and visualisations today – with complete continuity of experience come upgrade time..

Getting ‘billing ready’ with Design Gallery

3E and its associated EDG brings the ability to change the billing process; to email invoices to clients; to have more sophistication in the billing templates.  Implementing EDG on Enterprise with a 3E deployment in mind allows firms to get ahead of the curve, to reduce the pressure on billing experts, and bring another set of 3E implementation benefits forward.

Getting ‘system fit’ with Intapp

Leveraging Intapp and other platforms to de-couple your processes eg moving time recording and matter inception out of Elite and into Intapp ahead of the move to 3E, leaves a leaner, less complex system to migrate, while safeguarding two business-critical functions.

Practice lead and migration specialist Kevin Smith comments: “Enterprise users need to start getting on the front foot and to be less afraid of the project ahead of them. Smart Moves means that they don’t have to eat the elephant all in one go – they can pick off projects ahead of time, move at a steady pace towards a state of ‘3E readiness’ and then move confidently and assuredly through the final transition. We’ve seen what comes of approaching 3E with a lack of preparedness – and that’s exactly why we’ve developed such a progressive and pragmatic solution to help.

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