The more lawyers can achieve in their favoured environments of Microsoft Word and Outlook, generally the happier and more productive they will be. Our ‘Silently add party to matter’ tool will therefore be popular with users. And, as it capitalises on your existing Intapp investments and reduces risk without impacting on fee earner time, it will have broad firm appeal too.

Blending our Microsoft and Intapp expertise, we’ve created a new tool that automatically adds parties to matter as your lawyers are drafting legal documents.

  1. The lawyer drafts their document in Word, adding parties as they need to.
  2. When they save the document, the tool checks if all the parties in it are linked to the matter.
  3. If a new party has been added, an ‘add party to matter’ request is automatically and silently created
  4. A new conflict search is triggered and if new hits are generated they are highlighted to your risk teams.

This is an excellent example of the sort of small-scale, big impact enhancements that we bring to your everyday experience.

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Christopher Young

If you use Chrome River you can now automatically create PMS invoices directly within your 3E system from approved expenses, complete with receipt images using a standardised Microsoft Azure integration toolset mirroring the functionality available in our Intapp Integrate solution.

Our Microsoft-based option is ideal for firms pursuing a Microsoft Azure Integration strategy.  You get the same seamless experience but using Pinnacle-built Logic Apps and Microsoft Azure instead.

The diagram shows the intelligent connectors we’ve put into the Azure environment. They enable the flow of Chrome River data into 3E without the need for any user intervention or rekeying.


Chrome River to 3E architecture diagram

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Actionable Insights for Law Firms (AILF) is a Microsoft Power Apps-based tool to help law firms get more out of their line of business system investments.

The video in the sidebar offers a quick taste of what’s achievable – in this example, transforming reporting from a purely passive ‘viewing’ activity to a proactive ‘doing’ one.

AILF acts as a super helpful, intelligent ‘widget’ that lets you take an action from within the report itself, and the resulting data/update is then automatically flowed downstream/upstream into the relevant underlying platforms such as 3E and Intapp.

It empowers fee earners to make decisions and implement them straightaway, safe in the knowledge that associated systems will automatically reflect any changes. That helps accelerate and informs further action and decision-making, bringing greater dynamism and agility to financial, matter or client management.

Take action and get more from your existing investments

Head of Risk and BD Practices & CMO

Christopher Young