‘The out of the box thinker’, Sadie Baron

When I met Sadie Baron I was immediately in awe of her enthusiasm and off-the-scale creativity.   In fact, I can’t say I’ve come across many people like Sadie. She’s admirably authentic and firmly believes in hiring for attitude over experience. This approach has led her to unlock a whole new type of success for […]

‘How Winners Win – A review of how North American law firms succeed’ released

[23.05.2022, Boston, United States] Today we are releasing our latest review, highlighting international trends in the industry’s proposal management practices and insights from top global law firms. Following the success of our last two reports looking into law firm proposal management process in the UK, we have widened its scope to understand the challenges and […]

‘The man on a mission to integrate lawyers and marketing teams’, Chris Hinze

Speaking to Chris Hinze I quickly realise he’s a man on a mission to integrate lawyers and marketing teams, and quite frankly, I like his style. In Chris’s world partners and the marketing team aren’t separate entities, in fact they work closely together, in order to get things done. He’s down to earth, authentic, honest […]

“The advocate of making those around you greater” Jon Brewer

Christopher Young‘s interview with Jon Brewer.   When I sit down with Jon I immediately sense his integrity. His mantra is ‘being a great leader is about making those around you great.’ And I can see that he lives and breathes this. By his own admission, he’s had a ‘different route’ to where he is […]