Teams to Time – solving the lockdown time conundrum

Like many firms come lockdown, we moved our business rapidly from using Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams.  Whilst the Intapp Time Capture Tool monitored Skype activity there wasn’t a Microsoft Teams connector – so we put together a Tiger Team to build one. Pinnacle’s Development and Intapp specialists pooled resources to come up with […]

Responding to temporary sales tax changes

How to keep up with temporary indirect tax (VAT, GST etc.) changes. While Pinnacle is supporting Briefing magazine’s current Tiger Teams initiative, it seemed only right to bring our own Tigers together and unleash them to solve a whole range of new challenges thrown up by the pandemic. The Tiger Team concept was made famous […]

Cash is King – financial management in Covid times

Financial Management in Covid Times It is probably fair to say that the expression “Cash is king” has never resonated more.  Business stakeholders are more demanding on the cash flow position, and in particular look for more predictability around receipts from clients. Law firms have used different strategies to manage their finances through these uncertain […]

Tiger Teams Financial Agility

Can you hear that? That’s the roar of the new Tiger Teams – Briefing magazine’s latest content strand, conceived and run in conjunction with Pinnacle. The Tiger Team concept was made famous by NASA and the Apollo 13 mission – the forging of a specialised, high-performing, cross-functional team to solve a specific problem or critical […]

CRM in law firms: Changing for Success

Starting a project or undertaking financial commitment to buy and implement some software without being clear about your end goal or what you expect to get by return on investment, feels like a crazy way to run a business or a sure fire way to failure. Does it happen? Yes. In this latest article, Robert […]

How we helped a leading Irish law firm slash its daily payment administration time by 90%

Our client An Irish Top 10 firm The project We designed and delivered a system to automate our client’s payments process. Background Although part of their process was automated, our client was still submitting the physical payments from their client accounts manually. They were making an average of 20 payments every day, with each transaction […]