Tiger Team Session: Risk in remoteness?

September saw the fourth and final Tiger Team convene as part of Briefing magazine’s summer series, in partnership with Pinnacle. Each session has set out to address the biggest challenges ahead for law firms and getting the tiger treatment this time was risk. Briefing’s editor-in-chief Richard Brent was joined by a suitably diverse cast: James Holman, […]

Pretty Woman, Field of Dreams and Physics: How to achieve CRM Success

How to achieve CRM Success If there was ever a time to start making a success of your CRM this is it. Bob Beach, CEO Pinnacle US,  channels his inner physicist to explain why so many CRM projects start with plenty of potential energy but fizzle out to nothing – and suggests how we can […]

Thinking differently for a new normal

New Tiger Team session available to view The Tiger Team has come roaring back into action, with Pinnacle once again partnering with Briefing magazine to bring various Tigers together to address the biggest challenges ahead for law firms. Last time the session was built around finance, but this time it was a firm-wide look at […]

Why change depends on the right ‘burning platform’

Tony Pullman, Pinnacle’s head of business transformation,  asks what can we learn from this recent covid conflagration? As change professionals, we talk about the need to have a “burning platform” as the basis for any change initiative. This is because a burning platform will create the urgency you need to bring people along as you […]

CRM in law firms: Changing for Success

Starting a project or undertaking financial commitment to buy and implement some software without being clear about your end goal or what you expect to get by return on investment, feels like a crazy way to run a business or a sure fire way to failure. Does it happen? Yes. In this latest article, Robert […]

The Reality of Successful Business Development

A change of data. A change of direction.  The reality of successful business development. In the latest edition of Forefront Pinnacle’s US and UK Practice Leads for Business Development Christopher Young and Bryan Austin reflect on the takeaways from the Thomson Reuters Marketing Partner Forum in Miami and the reality of successful business development.  With […]

Pinnacle to attend LMA 2020

Pinnacle US will be attending this year’s LMA Annual Conference, taking place March 25-27 in Denver, Colorado. BD Head Bryan Austin and team will be on hand to advise firms looking to drive new, more profitable revenue through business development programs. It’s an excellent opportunity to: Tap into the expertise of Intapp’s ‘go-to’ partner for […]

Why you need Managed Services

Managed services use case #1 – Keeping the lights on Today, firms everywhere are looking at how they can create cost-efficiencies and at the same time help their teams stay focused on added-value work. We can help. Sign up to our managed services and we’ll take care of a whole host of housekeeping activities from […]

Your PMS – a platform for change!

You’ve done the hard work getting 3E up and live – what next? In this latest article in Forefront, Tony Pullman outlines how ‘going live’ should not be the end point but rather the starting point for a long term strategy to ensure that you extract full value from your finance/practice management systems. What’s more […]

The Change Management Challenge

The change management challenge – key lessons for ensuring project success Tony Pullman, the Team Lead for our new Change Management and Transformation practice group, is featured in the latest edition of Elite’s Forefront magazine. For anyone needing to ensure their 2019 projects don’t just deliver the required technology but also the desired business benefits, […]