Tiger Team Session: Risk in remoteness?

September saw the fourth and final Tiger Team convene as part of Briefing magazine’s summer series, in partnership with Pinnacle. Each session has set out to address the biggest challenges ahead for law firms and getting the tiger treatment this time was risk. Briefing’s editor-in-chief Richard Brent was joined by a suitably diverse cast: James Holman, […]

Data Quality Management

  Everything you always wanted to know about Data Quality Management In this five-post Q&A series we’ll  explore the concept of data quality management – what it is, why you need it and how to achieve it #1  What is ‘bad’ data? Law firms have business applications that contain huge amounts of master and transactional […]

Show Your Workings: Evidencing AML compliance through technology and process

Show Your Workings: Evidencing AML compliance through technology and process By Paula Algar,  Senior Consultant for Pinnacle The Challenge In my recent attempts to help my son prepare for first exams, the importance of ‘showing your workings’ was recalled to mind – not just for maths papers, but equally for law firms in achieving AML compliance.  […]

Introducing our Client Due Diligence and AML toolset

The cultural and regulatory subtleties of Europe can easily be missed when seen from afar. A recent trip to New York by our risk and compliance specialists highlighted this observation.   So now is a good time to introduce our Client Due Diligence and AML toolset: built on the Intapp Open/UBA platform it simplifies things from a […]

Pinnacle puts client due diligence on fast track

Pinnacle has announced the official release of its Client Due Diligence (CDD) solution following successful pilots in two top 20 law firms over the summer. CDD has been designed to help global firms manage the myriad stringent requirements more efficiently, in particular catering for the subtle differences in client due diligence that exist in the […]