Prompt and accurate time recording is at the heart of firms’ healthy operations, reducing lockup and improving billing processes, cashflow and profitability. Time Policy Manager automates the chasing of missing time, ensuring that time recording behaviour is in compliance with your firm’s policies. Fee earners need never see or be distracted by the application if time recording is completed as expected; however, overlooking reminder prompts for longer than your firm’s timeframe of patience will override other applications to put time recording at the top of a fee earner’s agenda.

With its easy implementation and established integration with all major time recording systems, Time Policy Manager brings clear ROI within the first three months.

 “Just in partner time lost, we were looking at almost 60 hours a month. Time Policy Manager pays for itself if you look at the amount of time now saved by partners.”

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Uniquely configurable

Navigate a complex landscape of time policies and tailor Time Policy Manager to regional, office and user requirements to comply with internal rules and processes with ease.

Shifting time recording to the top of the priority list

Fee earners who don’t complete their time entry promptly will receive pre-empted reminders, which if overlooked for a time long enough to hurt the firm’s bottom line, will override other applications in use to escalate time entry to the top of fee earners’ priority list.

Proactively helping with the completion of missing time entries

As well as notifying users of when time is missing, Time Policy Manager also provides information-driven recommendations as to what they likely to have worked on at the time. By conducting automatic DMS and calendar investigations, it makes it simpler than ever to correctly allocate time with richer narratives.

Raising the bottom line without distorting work quality

When deadlines are pressing and every minute counts, the quality of the work fee earners produce ought to take priority over time recording. Time Policy Manager allows earners to postpone the enforcement prompt for a pre-determined period of patience allowing them to complete urgent work. The length of the postponement and how many times a fee earner can postpone is configurable to fit around the level of flexibility your firm is comfortable accommodating.

Ensure fee earners keep their time-recording up to date. Get in touch today.

Robert Cohen